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Hello! I'm Amy Fulton, artist, wife, mother, photographer, and major health nut. This is a place to share my love of art, design and creativity.

Inspired by the beauty of God's creation, my life has been guided by many creative adventures. You will find many of my paintings include my love of animals and travel. I grew up on a small farm where it was no easy task to go on vacation. But over the years, we now enjoy traveling with friends to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Villarta and Loreto, which have become the inspiration for my Mexican Motifs.

Working independently, I developed my self-taught painting methods by experimenting with various techniques. For mediums, I enjoy both acrylic and oils for different reasons. I enjoy the instant gratification that acrylics bring, and I love watching how oil paint colors blend on the canvas.

Photography is another creative outlet I really have fun with. I adore photographing families and nature, as well as commercial and product photography. I especially love providing family portraits outdoors, taking advantage of the beautiful natural light. If you would like a special family photo session, I would love to capture your memories. Contact me to learn more.

After spending 5 years working as marketing director for John L. Scott Real Estate in Bothell, Wa, our family  relocated to San Antonio! I continue providing portrait photography and graphic design, while assisting Best of America by Horseback TV show in marketing. 

​I hope you enjoy my paintings, photographs and graphic design work.  I occasionally part with my original artwork pieces, so feel free to contact me for any questions you have.  Should you find something that interests you here, please contact me!


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