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Eric Franklin: The Body Electric

Spending 1000 hours on each piece, Oregon glass artisan, Eric Franklin electrifies the senses.

Eric Franklin:

"The human body is mostly liquid, and glass is really just a liquid that happens to be frozen at room temperature. Glass is an amazing membrane that can be inflated, stretched and compressed. It can be broken and repaired. In some instances, glass has incredible strength and durability, and in others extreme fragility and vulnerability. Imagery of skulls and skeletons carry a certain post-mortem weight along with them, but they come from a much more visceral and optimistic place than that. For me, they are much more about being alive than dead. These pieces describe and define the dynamics and interconnection of everything that makes us human: from our bones to our psyche."

Story by A. Moret. Read the full story here.

All images are copyright the artist © Eric Franklin

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