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What Makes A Great Pet Photographer?

Our pets are like family members, so when searching for a pet photographer, you will want to do your research to find a professional who carries a passion of working with animals. Finding someone who is patient and cares will go a long way when your energetic puppy can’t sit still, or when your antisocial cat is feeling displeased. An experienced pet photographer will not only go the extra mile to make your pet feel comfortable, but will look for ways to have fun in order capture the best of your pet.

Bring your "baby" into our Clear Image Portrait Studio in Marysville, Wa, and we will take care of them. Portraits by themselves, or with you, or both. Many of the local doggie day cares and vets in Marysville carry special coupons from us. Check them out! Our pet portraits have been internationally acclaimed. We are ready to make your appointment. Capture your beautiful pet in a timeless portrait. Be it a regal portrait for your whole family to fondly remember, or a fun slapstick portrait sure to be a conversation piece for years, your pet and you deserve Clear Image Pet Portraits!

Call us today at 360.653.5005.

CLEAR IMAGE since 1988 | "Artists at Heart, Professionals in Action"

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