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Nancy Wood: Immerse Yourself

Using the interaction of pigment, Nancy Wood creates vibrant patterns that captivate the eye.

"I try to take the viewer on a journey of intricate landscapes never seen before."

~Nancy Wood

The majority of Nancy Wood’s life has been spent experimenting with pigment behavior. Inspired by the fluid work of Paul Jenkins and more recently the work of Holten Rowers, Nancy advanced forward from the apparent pigment characteristics of watercolor, to explore the exciting fluid effects of acrylics.


Known for having a superior knowledge of pigments and how they engage with one another, Nancy uses the viscosity of fluid acrylics to harness the power to attract or repel each as they jockey for position in a flowing course of hypnotic array.


Nancy explains, “The explosive energy of hot pinks and reds and the slowly developing nature of blues and greens are brought alive in carefully mixed recipes of acrylics and ink. The resulting micro images seem directly related to patterns found throughout the natural world, rather microscopic or celestial.”


In forming the works for her collection, Nancy selects compositions from the micro images to produce large-scale fine art prints on high quality cotton rag paper using pigment inks.


These are sold in either single or up to 25 limited editions. She also has a selection of prints that she has further developed with paint and ink to create original artworks.


23rd February 2015

One of Nancy’s artworks has been selected by Adobe as one of the interface backgrounds for the new ‘Android Wear’ watch.

Since 1996 Nancy Wood has signed an exclusive contract with Demontfort Fine Art, one of the UKs major art publishers, to sell her original artworks and limited edition prints in galleries throughout the UK. These works have been featured in the Grand Designs television series, Elle Decoration magazine and there are five paintings on board Cunard’s Queen Victoria.

To learn more about the mesmerizing allure of Nancy Wood’s creations, visit her website:

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