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Northwest Equine Stewardship Center

Located in Snohomish, Wa, the Northwest Equine Stewardship Center (NWESC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional level rehabilitative care (veterinary, hoof care, training) to rescue horses.


Founded in 2008, Northwest Equine Stewardship Center works together with local equine rescue organizations to help neglected and abused horses get the care they need and find forever homes.

NWESC is different because they don’t take in and adopt out horses directly. Instead they work with other local horse rescue organizations that take in and adopt out rescue horses so that NWESC can focus on the professional level care for the horses that the other organizations take in.

This networking makes NWESC unique by allowing them to help numerous horses along with a wide range of horse rescue organizations.

Beyond rescue horse rehabilitation, NWESC is also committed to building programs that provide educational and therapeutic opportunities for people and promotes the prevention of unwanted horses and neglect.

For this reason NWESC offers a comprehensive educational program along with on-going events and clinics as well as providing unique, hands-on learning opportunities for veterinary and vet tech / assistant students in which students are able to gain real-life experience with horses in need - a win-win situation!

NWESC strives to bring the horse community together and form a network of concerned stewards working cohesively toward a solution to the problem of animal abuse and neglect.


An organization dedicated to fostering compassionate stewardship to the equine community.


NWESC promotes a mutually beneficial relationship between horses and humans by encouraging community responsibility and stewardship for all horses. They accomplish this by adhering to four symbiotic concepts: rescue rehabilitation, advocacy, community education, and equine facilitated learning/psychotherapy (EFL/P).


Compassion and Integrity

Human and Non-Human Animal Community

Animal and Environmental Stewardship

Education and Communication

Social Justice and Animal Welfare

Health, Wellness and Healing

Rescue Horse Rehab

Unwanted horses can be old or young, sick or healthy, highly trained or barely halter broke, purebred or grade. They are unwanted for just as many reasons varying from financial burdens to owner ignorance and neglect.

Many of these unwanted horses, unfortunately, fall into the neglected category. While some of these horses have been severely neglected, most of these horses can once again become usable and productive horses that would serve a variety of different purposes ranging from therapeutic horses to riding and show horses – if given the opportunity.

NWESC readily recognizes that fact and have dedicated their focus on providing professional level care (veterinary care, farrier care, training, etc) and rehabilitation for horses that are rescued through other horse rescue organizations.

By focusing on providing only professional level care, it allows to support local horse rescue efforts while providing a central location where equine professionals can be encouraged to donate or greatly discount their services.

Some of the rehab services offered include:

• Veterinary care including: surgeries, dental floats, chiropractic, acupuncture, and more

• Hoof care specializing in laminitis, founder and navicular issues

• Nutritional analysis including specialized re-feeding programs

• Energy work

• Massage therapy

• Behavioral remediation

• Etc.

If you are a professional (equine or business related) and would like to donate your time and services, please contact

NWESC at (206) 940-8589.


Stewardship - the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care.

Many horse lovers and advocates out there would love to get involved with equine rescue organizations and help support their efforts, however many of those people also realize that they just can't afford the time or money to take on another horse. NWESC can certainly relate with their feelings, but you may not realize that in recent years, many more affordable ways have appeared for helping horses in need!

So, if you are wondering how you can help despite not having an ample amount of money or time, well here are some simple ways to support NWESC and to make a difference in the lives of needy horses.


Your generous donations are used directly for the costs associated with the rehabilitation of the horses in our care and the programs that support them. NWESC wants to thank everyone who has donated money and time to make NWESC a success! We rely on your continued support in order for us to continue helping horses and people in our community and to keep our programs running.

NWESC has a wide variety of ways for you to donate financially. Simply click here to be routed to our Donate page where you can choose what works best for you!


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~Winston Churchill

NWESC understands that while many of you would like to be able to help out financially, with the current economy a financial donation might not be in the cards. Not to worry, NWESC has a variety of volunteer opportunities available. These opportunities range from ‘Biscuit Pick-Up’ parties to assisting with monthly events.

Click here to go to the Volunteer page or contact to find out more on what you can do to volunteer your time.


If you are looking to add a new horse to your forever home, consider adopting a rescue horse through NWESC or from other local equine rescues. Their hope is that you find the perfect rescue horse match – this results in you giving a deserving horse a second chance at life and knowing that your adoption makes a slot available so that we and other local equine rescues can continue to help horses in need.

If you are interested in adopting a horse, please click here to begin your search for your next companion.

No Time or Money to Spare?

You can still help NWESC by simply spreading the word! Taking the time to share information can be just as valuable as your time or money - our equine community continues to grow and learn when you share our events and resources, plus many of the donations come through tweets and sharing on Facebook. So feel free to spread the word!


General Inquiries:

Volunteer Opportunities:

Northwest Equine Stewardship Center

PO Box 1324 ~ Monroe, WA 98272

(206) 940-8589

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