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Lance Dooley: Fine Art Exemplar

With the mind of an engineer and the soul of an artist, Lance Dooley breathes life into creations that enrapture the heart.

"I believe in following your dream and having enough courage to see where it takes you, even if it's a place you think you can't handle. This is the true test of ourselves and our humanity.

My artist journey led me to study naturalistic figure sculpting with clay, which is augmented by an insatiable appetite to draw, mostly the human form and animals. I use the mediums of charcoal and clay toexplore form and illustrate emotion.

I believe artists carry a mission to explore the mind and physical forms in order to illustrate these things to those who do not have the time or patience to contemplate them. An artist pre-digests material and then recreates it for others to see in a way they might not otherwise would have.

Art still has a place in society and it provides us with insight and lets us walk away with a thought or a feeling we can investigate in order to understand ourselves and others better." ~ Lance Dooley

ANIMALI 2016 by LanceDooley

This video shows a solo art exhibition by Lance Dooley. The location is on the beautiful mountain campus of Sleeping Lady Resort a few miles away from Leavenworth, WA USA, situated at the mouth of the Icicle River. This area accommodates many outdoor adventure activities, such as hiking and rock climbing and the Resort host a wide range of activities; including theatre and excellent cuisine. Featured in this art show are 19 drawings and paintings and one sculpture (of a 1/3 scale cougar). Show Dates: Jan 6 - Feb 16, 2016 The video pans along the walls and has some outdoor shots as well, so the viewer can get an idea of the surroundings during the winter months.


Most of the sculptures shown below are for sale. Editions are cast in hydrocal and bronze.


Lance's philosophy on drawing is to create a draftsmanship-like quality rendering based on observation or imagination. He pays attention to line quality, sharp and soft value transitions that give a sense of form turning in space, and gesture, which gives a sense of movement and life. Lance incorporate principles of visual design to create a good composition.

Oil Paintings

These oil paintings were created by merging real life observation and experiences with a healthy dose of imagination and visual design aesthetics.


Drawing and Sculpting The Figure, by Lance Dooley © 2014

Written and designed for the college student or artist who wishes to gain an understanding of figure drawing and figure sculpting. This 100+ page publication describes various approaches, methods and techniques for drawing with charcoal and sculpting with clay. Contains numerous examples from an in international list of artists as well as a special section for the portrait. Contains glossary of terms and suggested syallabi for instructors wishing to teach figure drawing or sculpting courses.

A Guide to Mold Making , by Lance Dooley © 2011

An Illustrated Tutorial for how to Make a Mold and Plaster Cast. This publication shows pictorally step by step how to make a 2 piece mold for a sculpture and then make a plaster cast using the mold.

Lance Dooley ~ Artist Biography

Lance was born 1968 to a family of travelling Americans in Thailand. His family then spent 7 years in Tehran before returning to the father's hometown in Oroville, Washington and then moving to East Wenatchee, WA where he graduated from High School with the Artist of the Year award in 1986.

Lance served 4 years in the Unites States Army, mostly in Wurzburg Germany where he enjoyed touring the countryside and central Europe in his old beat up 1979 Mazda and learned to speak German.

After finishing military service in 1990, he attended and graduated from Wenatchee Valley College and was awarded the presidents medal for academic achievement. He continued with more education at Washington State University and graduated Cum Laude from the Electrical Engineering program.

Lance then worked in Seattle for a number of years, while pursuing his artistic studies in parallel. When he bought his first house in 1999, he finally had his own art studio and began participating in regional art shows and embracing serious training in the visual arts.

The rich infusion of cultures from different countries imprinted Lance and he always dreamed of going to the best art school in the world and developing the necessary skills to visually articulate facets of the society he lived in and other wanderlust adventures and experiences yet to come.

That dream came true when he went to The Florence Academy of Art in the renaissance city of Florence, Italy and graduated from the sculpting program with the Best Sculpture of the Year award. The sculpture program is directed by the renowned Robert Bodem, with principal sculpting instructor Cody Swanson at the time.

With the mind of an engineer and the soul of an artist, Lance continues to thrive in the beautiful state of Washington, creating works of art for public and private commissions, participating in a wide array of art venues, engaging in arts education and public speaking events.

Lance is a member of the following organizations: signature member of the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, and the American Legion.

ET Pybus Bronze Sculpture - Unveiled Dec 21, 2013

To learn more about Lance Dooley, visit his website HERE


Lance currently has put a few of his paintings up on Level 5 South Tower at Overlake Medical center in Bellevue in part of their "healing arts" program. The show is up until January 2017. Parking is free for the first hour of arrival and on Sundays if any local Bellevue/Seattle area residents want to take a look. So glad I did! It was amazing to see in person!


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