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Albert Koetsier: Beyond Light

© Albert Koetsier

Fusing subtlety and sophistication, Author and Award Winning Fine Art Photographer, Albert Koetsier, strikes the right balance between black and white.


Employing the use of x-rayography, Albert precisely captures exquisite and delicate photographs of nature. In his book, his photographs are paired with poetic words that will touch readers’ hearts.


Albert Koetsier is an award-winning photographer. He employs the techniques of x-rayography. This method enables him to produce shadow images, which capture the intertwining beauty of form and substance.

His art is on display at the finest craft fairs all over USA.

Born in The Netherlands, Albert Koetsier became fascinated with the concept of photography at an early age. He built his first homemade camera out of an old matchbox, two magnifying lenses, a photosensitive medium, and a homemade spring-loaded shutter.

While working at Philips and Siemens as an x-ray professional, Albert managed to foster his passion for black and white photography on the weekends. Eventually, he learned how to create amazing x-ray photographs of plants, flowers, shells, and other inanimate objects.

After leaving Siemens, Albert pursued his career as an artist while traveling across America and selling his work at various art shows.

Today, Albert and his wife, Anne, live in Lake Elsinore, California where he splits his time enjoying photography and his grandchildren.

He is also a history of art and science teacher at the university of California.

ALBERT KOETSIER (951) 674-0207

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