Cabo Wander List

It’s time to fall off the grid. Summer is the perfect season to get out of Dodge and delve into the great outdoors. Our "Cabo Wander List" reveals tips that will send you packing for the ultimate vacation destination to explore and unwind.
Sun, Food, Fun - Discover the best of Cabo San Lucas.

Our family has been traveling to Mexico with friends since 2006. Allow me to share with you what we consider is the best of Cabo.

Our Cabo Favorites


All images copyright © Amy Fulton

Los Tres Gallos - Also known as "The Three Roosters", Los Tres Gallos is our number one restaurant destinationo pick of all time. We have joined family and friends at this charming location for years to watch it grow and bloom into a delightful dining hot spot. Recently we enjoyed delicious "Sope Type" folded tacos made with Chihuahua Cheese, Squash Blossom and Huitlacoche as well as a variety of outstanding salsas…


Image courtesy ©Maria Jiminez

All images copyright © Amy Fulton

Maria Jiminez

A recent discovery for us, Maria Jiminez is known for their outstandingly delicious signature dish, Shrimp Chili Relleno, and we immediately fell in love with this enchanting location. The atmosphere was amazing and the service was wonderful. It quickly was added to our list of top favorite places to dine.


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Mariscos Las Tres Islas -

Right across the street from Maria Jiminez, is another all time favorite place to find exquisite seafood is Mariscos Las Tres Islas. Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Shrimp and sweet chili scallops bring us back year after year. We prefer ordering a shared dish prepared on the Clay Pig, warmed by candlelight, over being served the gigantic seafood platter, which left us feeling a bit overwhelmed. The food has always been incredible! During our last visit, we enjoyed octopus, crab, lobster, coconut shrimp, tuna cheeks that tasted exactly like ham, and other amazingly prepared fish. They had to bring an Orca sling to carry us out.


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Mi Casa -

Mi Casa has always been a fun destination to take the entire family for good food and fun entertainment. If balloon twister clowns and caricature artists are not your thing, you may shy away, but the colorful and festive atmosphere in the bright and sunny courtyard have us returning again and again. Mariachi Bands and trained canaries await you!


Image courtesy © Casanova Fine Jewelry & Accessories

Casanova Fine Jewelry & Accessories

It's always fun to browse stores for treasures such as silver, jewelry and souvenirs to remember your Cabo vacation. And it's so much more affordable than here in the states. Silver is a popular choice in Cabo. Mexico is one of the top silver producers in the world. You always want to look for the .925 or .999 hallmark. That means there is 92.5% or 99% pure silver in every piece while others places sell silver that are not as high in purity like .725 or less.

But on our recent trip we switched it up and made exciting gem stone purchases. After researching on Trip Advisor, we were pleased with finding beautiful blue/green tourmaline as well as kiwi green/Yellow/Champagne Zultanite. Both stones are rare and unique in their color changing properties.

When paying by credit card in Mexico, the cashiers will ask you if you want to pay in pesos or US dollars. Always choose US dollars. The bank will automatically take care of the exchange rate for you and usually at a higher rate. For example, on this last trip the exchange rate was an incredible 18%. If we would have selected to pay with pesos, we most likely would have been given a 16% exchange rate by the locals


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