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MBG: Art is Life

With a bold take on color and ingenuity, MBG brings his Contemporary work to life, capturing an exciting new distinction for expressive imagery spanning from consumerism, street art, urban decay and celebrity portraits.

“My art wouldn’t do without belief – [belief] that I can convey a message,” says artist MBG




Artist Spotlight: Meet MBG

"I'm Originally from Cleveland, Ohio and now I'm in Southern California. I grew up sketching and drawing my favorite anime characters and the passion for creating stuck with me ever since.

I've been painting close to 13 years. I experiment with different techniques over the years, combining them along the way to help my evolution in style.

For the most part I use acrylic paint, along with spray paints as well on canvas, wood, and even metal. Depending on subject matter it can take anywhere from 50 hours to 200+ hours.

I get inspired from a lot of things, being able to create a new world with each blank surface, really gets the creative juices flowing.

I love what I do! It's truly a passion of mine.

Yes, I do have original artwork for sale!

You can purchase my works on through email. (gallery in France)

BlackSheep restaurant/gallery (Santa Barbara California)"


"Where Brooklyn at?!" All images are copyright the artist © MBG


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