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MOONTAIN: a solo artist

HIT REFRESH, and you’ll discover colorful, original artwork, redefined. With intricate details and high impact design, FRENCH artist & Musician Moontain shares his imaginative world of exciting multi-dimensional patterns and unexpected characters that come to life with graphic sophistication and sound.

"Since I was a child, I always felt Life was bigger & deeper than human’s physical limits.

I grew up focusing on the details animating this Whole,

riding thoughts & mirages the furthest possible.

Experiences always showed me how humbling and rewarding it is to pay attention to these interconnected waves, as well as their never-ending Source of Knowledge.

What drives me is the desire to Be and to Re-member, as much as the will to share positive waves and insights to help the Change *

• The More You Know … The More You Get To Know • "


Solo Artist, Paintings, Music & Aphorisms

Manatura by © MOONTAIN


Twinflames Part#1 by ©Moontain

My Angel Cares by ©Moontain

ELLE by ©Moontain

Totemic by ©Moontain

All images courtesy © MOONTAIN

An Interview with the Artist: MOONTAIN

Amy Fulton

Hello Moontain, I am so excited to learn more about your amazing work! I find it absolutely fascinating. Please tell us a little about yourself!

Moontain Bonjour, thanks for having me on your website Amy. I am just a french man (although I prefer use the word "boy") spending all of his time on creating some artworks, music, aphorisms. I just try to put my best into it and learn as much as possible through experiences & discoveries. I love History, previous civilizations and I am curious about the links between us, subliming space and time. I am fascinated by the fact we (humans) all tend to achieve the same thing (to be happy and experience love) but as a species we are still struggling to make it, so I just try to do my part, to understand us better, and generate a positive echo. Amy Fulton How long have you been painting and has your style changed over time?

Moontain It's been something like 20 years now. But I did stop for a seven years hiatus during that span. Of course, the style evolved has I (hopefully) matured as a human being. It was pretty much cathartic when I started. Because I come from the music scene, where a song is directly related to a feeling, so this is what I was doing with the painting. But I got tired of it and stopped, until I decided to paint again, but this time I wanted to be influenced by something higher, or deeper. I mean, I did not want to do a happy or sad artwork, but rather something illustrating a connection with the invisible. Which is in the end our work, I believe, as artists. To try to make the invisible become visible. And if the audience is able to see it in an artwork, maybe they will do it within themselves as well. Amy Fulton Are the originals for sale?

Moontain It has always been an issue for me, when I started to work with art galleries. They have cost and look to make money, so they wanted me to share my original works. But my relation with them is too strong and I can't sell them. Plus, it is sad that we have to make everything buyable to exist. My wish is to share my paintings, and this is why I only share some limited fine art prints, I try to have them the best quality possible, so it is fair for the public wanting some of my colours. People can find them at Amy Fulton What mediums do you use, and how long does it take for you to finish a painting?

Moontain I use mainly acrylic painting, but also work with pencils, watercolor, oil pasted, charcoal, clay, limestone, wood ... pretty much anything I can have around me. Concerning the paintings, it generally asks me quite some time to finish one. Because I don't want to force the process. I usually work intensively on it for a couple of weeks and then I stop. Then, it can be months before I work on it again, during this time, I let both the painting and myself mature, and when I feel it and "hear" it calling me, I continue to paint it. Some paintings take years to be over, this is why my relation to them is so strong, they become family members. Amy Fulton Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

Moontain Like I said, I believe in the invisible waves, so the inspiration is directly related to them. Of course, the education, our journey, our passions, all of this is an unconscious influence as well. I don't decide on what will be on my painting, I just follow my intuition and conviction that something is asking to appear. There are often ancient signs, animals etc ... which echoes my passion and love for history and Nature I guess. Amy Fulton What kinds of subjects do you like to research?

Moontain I don't know what I'm researching. It means, if you find what you're looking for, it would mean you learned nothing, you discover nothing. I don't want to guide what I do, I prefer that what I do, guides me, so I can discover things I totally ignore. I hope it makes sense. But like I said, in the previous answer, we can't deny our impregnation, so my subjects are often related to the myths, animals etc ... Amy Fulton Do you have a “Dream Project” or a special goal set for the future?

Moontain In an ideal world, I would like to combine all my fields in one. I wish I could have my paintings with some characters animated, so they tell the story of the painting, as I would make them say some aphorisms I wrote, with my music in the background. In a realistic world, I wish to get the chance to publish a book with my aphorisms, to share all over the world my works and meet people, and get some artworks used to book covers or music albums. Amy Fulton Are there other artists in your family?

Moontain I am the only one in my family and I don't have brothers or sisters, so I guess the imaginary / creative / world, was a way to not feel alone or bored. Amy Fulton Do you have any other interests or talents you would like to share with us? Tell us about your music!

Moontain Music has always been my first crush since I was a child. Since I am alone I had to make me learn how to play many instruments and the recording process so I can self produce my records. I like to play each single day, music is my ultimate friend, where I allow myself to face my different feelings, compared to the painting where I try to go further feelings. I hope some people will be curious about it, even if it is pretty sad music most of the time, because this is how I see music, to express what can't be said or written. Amy Fulton What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

Moontain I only do this, ... I tried to work in the music industry, but people were cynical, and the business too. I did not support it and had to stop or I would have feel into depression. So I am struggling on a daily basis, but at least I do what I am supposed to do and respect my ethic. Amy Fulton What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Moontain I barely see other people, I am a true loner. Even if loneliness can be very hard at times. So I take my advices from my readings, ancient greek philosophers are my beloved Source of self knowledge. The thought I always repeat to myself is : " the more you know, the more you have to know ". So if I feel discouraged, I remember there is always one more step in front of me, and I can't give up now.

Amy Fulton Where can we go to purchase your artwork?

Moontain People can find my artworks at and my music at MOONTAIN


  • To visitors / YOU: I wanna THANK YOU for the curiosity and open mind. Interactions make the heArt alive, giving a real meaning to what is shared. I wish you to enjoy your imagination’s fantasies and discover unknown lands of your self.

  • To medias & zines: being able to talk about the motivations of what’s behind the frames & colors in my work, means a lot to me, it’s very important for me to have some opportunities to share thoughts.

  • To designers / product makers: I am open to have some of my artworks used ( for example, clothes, skateboard etc ) as long as the ethic is eco-friendly, it would be a pleasure to discuss about it.

  • To musical artists: music is a huge passion and activity, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to have one of my paintings ( or a detail ) used for your album’s ( or else ) artwork, rock’ n’ roll *

  • To visual artists: I am willing to create some kind of animations for my paintings, i hope some of you can be interested in this work / I also look to get some of my musics used in (short) movies etc

  • To publishers: I look to be able to produce a book featuring paintings, short texts as well as aphorism, so-called philosophical discussions, like a great pot-pourri of what i can do, (contact me)

  • To charities / foundations: it would be an honor to see some of my works ( visual or spiritual ) as a part of a campaign for a positive change ( animals’ rights, nature’s protection, biodiversity, childhood … )

Handrawing #1 by Moontain




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