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How To Convert Lightroom Presets to XMP Files for Photoshop

Needing to pull Lightroom presets into Photoshop? They have to be XMP files in order to work.

Recently I had my computer updated, and suddenly realized I had to start from scratch by loading all of my Lightroom presets into Photoshop. But I quickly noticed many of my presets were not working because they were of a different file type. The Adobe update to Photoshop requires all Lightroom presets to be XMP files. Thanks to my brainiac IT son, he stepped in and figured out how to resolve this issue.

Here are step by step instructions to make that happen.

1. Open up Lightroom

2. Expand the preset

3. Make two new folders on your desktop. (One is normal, the other one is zipped.)

4. Select your preset.

5. Right click on it.

6. Export.

7. Save to your normal folder.

8. Now select all files in the normal folder.

9. Copy and paste into your zip folder.

10. Now open Photoshop Camera Raw.

11. Import Profiles and Presets

12. Import Zip File

13. Right Click and Rename if needed.

After spending 5 years working as marketing director for John L. Scott Real Estate in Bothell, Wa, our family has relocated to San Antonio! I now am the new Marketing Media Specialist for Phyllis Browning Company, providing photography, videography, graphic design and social media consulting for our luxury market.

I continue to enjoy providing family photography portraiture in and around the San Antonio area, as well as working to ever perfect my painting techniques in oil and acrylic.

Check out some of my latest artwork creations HERE.


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