Eddie Del Rio: Entertainment Design

Known for being one of the most dynamic concept artists in the business, Eddie Del Rio offers rich innovative visuals that launch us into stunning and complex realms. All images are copyright the artist © Eddie Del Rio ARTIST BIO Eddie Del Rio Concept Design When I was a kid growing up in the seventies, I Had two big interest that filled my life, Star Wars and comics. I spent most of my time lost in my Kenner action figures, immersed in comics and oh yes....drawing. I would fill reams of paper with my imaginary space battle scenes, Draw dinosaurs, robots, space ships, and super heroes. One day my family and I were out doing some shopping at the local mall. I must have been about six then. We

Spring Chickens!

Are we talking about our feathered friends here, or are we talking about our kids? We are talking about BOTH! Just like chickens, children grow up fast. It's a wonderful idea to create precious family memories by building a backyard chicken coop! Take advantage of these special windows in time. Not everyone can live on a farm, but the addition of a few hens into the backyard can be a much more attainable idea. The experiences of responsibility, stewardship and biology gained from exposing our kids to these kinds of realities can have long lasting positive implications. Learning where their food comes from, natural cycles, how to take care of one another and lessons of life and death are all

Alexander Donskoi: Neo-Renaissance

With magnificent oil artistry and pencil sketches, Russian/Canadian Artist, Alexander Donskoi takes us on a magical journey through the past to give us a better understanding of the present. ALEXANDER DONSKOI: NEO-RENAISSANCE Neo-Renaissance Artist, Alexander Donskoi - Russian/Canadian Artist MASTER of FINE ARTS & DESIGNE Toronto, Ontario Canada ARTIST STATEMENT "I was born in one of the most unique, mystical, and enigmatical places on earth – it’s called: Far East of Russia. A very long time ago it was a powerfully strong kingdom called Balhae. The earliest extant recorded known to have mentioned Balhae comes from the Old Book of Tang, which was compiled between 941 - 945. The 13th century

Eric Haines: One Man Band

Our family loves going to the Fair, and we happen to be fortunate enough to live within walking distance of our State’s Fairgrounds. We know it’s that special time of the year, once we can smell corndogs drifting over into our own backyard. Last summer, after filling up on Piroshkies and Funnel Cakes, I was busy taking snapshots with my camera, when suddenly our family was stopped in our tracks by the sights and sounds of a local Seattle icon, The One Man Band -Eric Haines. With our first impression, we were pleasantly surprised by his impressive performance of simultaneously singing and playing multiple instruments to a large, delighted crowd encircling him. But it didn't stop there… I lat

Northwest Equine Stewardship Center

Located in Snohomish, Wa, the Northwest Equine Stewardship Center (NWESC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional level rehabilitative care (veterinary, hoof care, training) to rescue horses. BEFORE and AFTER Founded in 2008, Northwest Equine Stewardship Center works together with local equine rescue organizations to help neglected and abused horses get the care they need and find forever homes. NWESC is different because they don’t take in and adopt out horses directly. Instead they work with other local horse rescue organizations that take in and adopt out rescue horses so that NWESC can focus on the professional level care for the horses that the other organizatio

Nancy Wood: Immerse Yourself

Using the interaction of pigment, Nancy Wood creates vibrant patterns that captivate the eye. "I try to take the viewer on a journey of intricate landscapes never seen before." ~Nancy Wood The majority of Nancy Wood’s life has been spent experimenting with pigment behavior. Inspired by the fluid work of Paul Jenkins and more recently the work of Holten Rowers, Nancy advanced forward from the apparent pigment characteristics of watercolor, to explore the exciting fluid effects of acrylics. CALM Known for having a superior knowledge of pigments and how they engage with one another, Nancy uses the viscosity of fluid acrylics to harness the power to attract or repel each as they jockey for posi

David Ogden: Fine Art Photographer

Wildlife photographer, David Ogden, takes us through the world's most amazing scenery to show us a life of Faith in our Creator. "I follow Jesus Christ and shoot his creation without a gun. " Romans 10:9 All images are copyright the artist © David Ogden The Smack "a cheetah, who enjoyed being photographed, randomly smacked this hyena across the face then sprinted away. It happened so fast I scrambled to photograph this." Meet David Ogden, Fine Art Photographer Amy Fulton: Hello David! Thanks so much for this unbelievable opportunity to allow us to learn more about the man behind the lens. Your photography completely takes my breath away... I just love it! Tell us, how many years have you

Jason Padgett: Struck By Genius

Life changing brain injury transforms an ordinary man, Jason Padgett, into a mathematical wonder. This afternoon, my son came home from school with his geometry homework, and it brought to mind one of my most favorite artists, Jason Padgett. His work is breathtakingly beautiful and I was inspired to include his amazing story of the unexpected turns in life. We never know what's in store for us around the corner. Let's take a momment and see the world through the eyes of man "Struck By Genius". Jason's story: "No one sees the world as Jason Padgett does. Water pours from the faucet in crystalline patterns, numbers call to mind distinct geometric shapes, and intricate fractal patterns emerge f


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