Elisaveta Sivas: Creations of Love

PINK POMEGRANATE HORSE "Creation is love, life, a way to grow, understand and share..." Elisaveta Siva Born in St. Petersburg in 1979, Elisaveta has a University background in Linguistics. Since 2007, she has dedicated herself to art. She has followed art lessons In "Art Future" Private School in St.Petersburg and in Academy of Arts in Palermo. She has studied ceramic art in Valeria Polsinelli's studio in Paris, in Aleksey Berensen's studio in St.Petersburg and in Vassos Demetriou's studio in Larnaca. She is very much a self taught artist. "My art is concentrated on women, world and feelings" says Elisaveta. "It is very emotional, delicate, but at the same time

Eric Franklin: The Body Electric

Spending 1000 hours on each piece, Oregon glass artisan, Eric Franklin electrifies the senses. Eric Franklin: "The human body is mostly liquid, and glass is really just a liquid that happens to be frozen at room temperature. Glass is an amazing membrane that can be inflated, stretched and compressed. It can be broken and repaired. In some instances, glass has incredible strength and durability, and in others extreme fragility and vulnerability. Imagery of skulls and skeletons carry a certain post-mortem weight along with them, but they come from a much more visceral and optimistic place than that. For me, they are much more about being alive than dead. These pieces describe and define the dy

Commercial Photography – Let Us Bring Your Style into Focus!

With the abundance of inexpensive digital cameras flooding the market, architects, interior designers, real estate agents and contractors have easy access to record their work. But often there comes a point when hiring a professional overrides what that cheap camera can yield. Are you a realtor needing amazing captures of indoor and outdoor spaces? Perhaps you are a restaurant owner needing crisp, clear images of menu items? Or a business owner in need of specialized product photography to accentuate the details of your craftsmanship? Our proficient commercial photography team at Clear Image is ready and capable of capturing the artistry and character of your space by using both natural and

Event Photography for your Business!

Is your business in need of professional photography for Corporate Parties and Events? Perhaps you are in need of a photographer for Bar Mitzvahs, Auctions, Dances, Proms or Festivals? Clear Image Photography specializes in working with large groups! We are available on location to cover special events, business portraits and commercial photography. Clear Image will help your event guests look their best and provide them with a memento that they’ll enjoy for years to come! Our event photography services are extensive, professional, and affordable. Call us today at 360.653.5005. CLEAR IMAGE since 1988 | "Artists at Heart, Professionals in Action"

Laughter Really is the Best Medicine!

Has this ever happened to you? Laughing with someone and then suddenly becoming aware of how much you cherish that special person in your life? I hope so! It certainly has to me. I remember vacationing with friends down in Cabo San Lucas a few years back. A couple of our husbands had their mouths on fire from a salsa eating contest which proved far too spicy than human consumption should have allowed. As they were racing for the sink to guzzle glass after glass of water, the rest of us were on our knees laughing in tears! One of those moments you’d have to be there to see why it was so funny. But nevertheless, it was a time we will never forget, and I cherish my friends and that memory to

We Capture the CRAZY!

When it comes to CAMERA EQUIPMENT, we love the best. We buy the best. We use the best. You get the best. When it comes to our PROFESSIONAL CAPABILITIES, we have a fleet of lighting and camera equipment, and armed with the latest techniques and know-how, we are ready for your job, big or small. We offer the opportunity for you to experience a REAL PORTRAIT STUDIO. A rarity these days, we can still have the control and privacy of a portrait studio. Nothing beats the traditional effects of masterful studio lighting and backgrounds. We also love the look of modern outdoor portraits...we can do that too! But by golly, we are still going to light you with our special on location lighting equipme

It's a New Year and a New Start. How About a New Business Portrait!

It’s a new year and a new start. How about an awesome new business portrait! $69.99 gets you a beautiful head shot which can be used for abstracts, proposals, email signatures and things like that. We’ll work with you to create the best possible image to positively impact your business and your brand! Call Clear Image Photography today at 360.653.5005 to set an appointment and tell them Amy sent you! CLEAR IMAGE since 1988 | "Artists at Heart, Professionals in Action"

What Makes A Great Pet Photographer?

Our pets are like family members, so when searching for a pet photographer, you will want to do your research to find a professional who carries a passion of working with animals. Finding someone who is patient and cares will go a long way when your energetic puppy can’t sit still, or when your antisocial cat is feeling displeased. An experienced pet photographer will not only go the extra mile to make your pet feel comfortable, but will look for ways to have fun in order capture the best of your pet. Bring your "baby" into our Clear Image Portrait Studio in Marysville, Wa, and we will take care of them. Portraits by themselves, or with you, or both. Many of the local doggie day cares and ve


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