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Jason Padgett: Struck By Genius

Life changing brain injury transforms an ordinary man, Jason Padgett, into a mathematical wonder.

This afternoon, my son came home from school with his geometry homework, and it brought to mind one of my most favorite artists, Jason Padgett. His work is breathtakingly beautiful and I was inspired to include his amazing story of the unexpected turns in life. We never know what's in store for us around the corner.

Let's take a momment and see the world through the eyes of man "Struck By Genius".

Jason's story:

"No one sees the world as Jason Padgett does. Water pours from the faucet in crystalline patterns, numbers call to mind distinct geometric shapes, and intricate fractal patterns emerge from the movement of tree branches, revealing the intrinsic mathematical designs hidden in the objects around us. Yet Padgett wasn’t born this way. Twelve years ago, he had never made it past pre-algebra. But a violent mugging forever altered the way his brain works, giving him unique gifts."

Read the full story here.

About Jason Padgett

Jason Padgett is an aspiring number theorist and mathematician with acquired savant syndrome and synesthesia. He draws the grids and fractals he sees synesthetically.

He is currently the manager of three futon stores in Tacoma, Washington. Struck by Genius is his first book.

His original artwork is available at

Artwork by Jason Padgett

Fractals are shapes that when decomposed into pieces, the pieces are the same or similar to the whole. The beauty of numbers and their connection to the pure geometry of space time and the universe is shown in these fractal diagrams.

All are HAND DRAWN using only a pencil, ruler and compass.

Click on any image to view on

Photon Interference Fractal

The Power Of Pi

Quantum Cross

Wave Particle Duality

Event Horizon

Energy Spiral

Quantum Hand Through My Eyes

View Jason Padgett’s artwork on

There is a now a movie option out. We are super excited about it!

Channing Tatum: consolidating drama pedigree. Photograph: Snap Stills/Rex Features
Channing Tatum to play man made a mathematics genius by brain injury
Read the full story here.

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