Joe Ganech: Liberated Surrealism

Fast or slow… riding in the back seat of the mind of artist Joe Ganech leaves us wondering what far distance realm of his imagination he is driving us to... a destination of hope, excitement, loss or strength. A land of contrasts between the harsh realities of life, balanced against the softness of a forgotten dream, stirring our souls with endless interpretations of a limitless mind.

"I am an artist living in Brussels, Belgium. My style is influenced by instructional graphics, surrealism, abstract and the look of vintage movies of the 1970s. I am interested in the combination of a purely functional illustration style with an emotional scene."

~Joe Ganech







Visual Artist from the Brussels area of Belgium, Joe Ganech has allowed us an insight into his life and creative devotions. We have decided to share his answers completely unedited, to preserve the artist’s integrity, and to prevent loss of any feeling or expression in translation.

Amy Fulton:

Hello Joe! I am so excited to learn more about your amazing work! I find it absolutely fascinating. We look forward to learning about you! How long have you been painting and has your style changed over time?

Joe Ganech:

I realize my digital creations for soon 3 years.

For me create is a real pleasure, it is almost a meditation I need of create as I need to eat or to drink. I realize generally 1 creation a day, it helps me a lot to progress technically but especially to develop this artistic fiber which is vital to express himself and share our feelings.

Yes absolutely my style changes very often, I even need to change very often. I do not like staying on a style. I like exploring to discover new horizons artistic.

Sometimes it is puzzling for those who like my cityscape and who the next day see a surrealist portrait. I like taking risks, never stagnating, still going towards another path and moving forward. The artistic habits are dangerous. I think that to evolve it is necessary to question quite in daytime and watch the art with eyes amazing of a child.

Every days is a new challenge, a new creation, a new hope to share with the others. Never to be satisfied by his own work is keys of the progress. When I would be completely satisfied with one of my creations then it will mean that I would have artistically died. Every days is a revival.

Amy Fulton:

How large are most of your paintings, and are your creations for sale?

Joe Ganech:

My creation are creation digitals I can realize several dimensions at my printer.

Yes I sell certain of my creations original. I also realize creations from photos of portrait which people send me. Results is to personalize, me tries to know the hobbies of people to return the order unique, artistic and very close to people. I also sell my creations numbered and to sign.

Amy Fulton:

What mediums do you use, and how long does it take for you to finish a painting?

Joe Ganech:

I use essentially software of creations as Photoshop, Illustrator etc...

It really depends; sometimes it can take myself 5 hours and sometimes days. For my orders it take me days but for the rest generally it take me between 5 and 10 working hours

Amy Fulton:

You have a beautiful way of tying spirituality into your pieces. Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

Joe Ganech:

This question is certainly the most difficult because I do not know how to give you an answer rational.

As I said it the creative world is for me a kind of meditation, when I says it, it is the connection which occurs with I do not know which or who. I am conscious that it looks like a mystic which expresses itself but nevertheless it is really the sensation which I have. I connect with something who overtakes me completely. I do not try to ask(raise) myself too many questions on this subject because it is so better, I take it as a present. I am only the instrument of this element which helps me has to share with the others this vision.

When I work I never know which direction I set. It is always this " small voice " which tells me " make as this " or " ma