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Lisa Goesling: Positive & Negative Space

Contrast has a whole new meaning... Fix your eyes on the dramatic splendor of botanical elements transformed into a luxe, flawless barrier between light and dark. Meet artist Lisa Goesling. Lisa forges astonishing designs inspired by nature, by drawing with an XACTO knife on boards made of clay and ink.
“I escape to someplace magical when I create and I hope that my art has the power to do that for you.” ~Lisa Goesling




Interaction Pedistal by © Lisa Goesling


Gift Boxed Cards © Lisa Goesling


Art Critic, Sawyer J. Lahr wrote: “The effect appears pencil drawn but has a living, breathing, sculpture-esque dimension emphasized by the black backgrounds, creating a positive and negative space rarely seen in life surrounding floras.”

I began taking classes at the Art Institute of Chicago at twelve years old, spending my weekends entrenched in painting, drawing and sculpting. As an adult, I spent years working as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, always consumed by the humble line and its relationship to the fundamentals of design.

Magnifying glass in hand, I capture nuances that simply don’t exist with the naked eye. After studying my subject, I jump right in, spontaneously drawing fine lines with an X-ACTO knife into boards made of clay and India ink.

My series, Environmental Movement, is heavily influenced by Eco-Psychology, the study of emotional connections between individuals and nature. I am continuously overwhelmed by the shapes, colors and textures of fruits and vegetables or the sheer beauty of a single flower, one-petal folding over the next.

Spontaneous Combustion creates the illusion of 3 dimensions by layering line over line. I describe this abstract series as Lyrical Expressionism. My goal is to elicit the same magical feelings for the viewer that I get while watching my intricate patterns emerge.

Interaction and Clearly Interacting are composed of free form figures working together to create a barrier against ignorance and fear. Some of my drawings are done on clear panels, others on scratchboards. All are designed to visually develop multiple layers of interaction between one another.

Scratchboard Demo with Lisa Goesling



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