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Yucel Basoglu: Dark Beauty

Born in Switzerland, now residing in Istanbul/Turkey, fine art photographer, Yucel Basoglu, deepens our appreciation for landscape artistry by pushing the envelope with his daring and magical black and white photography.


In the dark,

Found Light

Brighter than many ever see.


Within herself,

found loveliness,

Through the soul's own mastery.

And now the world receives

From her dower:

The message of the strength

Of inner power.

~Langston Hughes

Dark Beauty from Yucel Basoglu




SADNESS from Yucel Basoglu

Meet Yucel Basoglu

Amy Fulton

How many years have you spent as a photographer?

Yucel Basoglu

I have been interested in photography since childhood time. I shot my first photo with an analog Minolta that my father gave me. I used to look at the photos I took for long hours. I like the emotion of the moment when I take a photo, sometimes gloomy, sometimes cheerful… I can never give up on this feeling. Amy Fulton

Your long exposure and black and white photography is simply mesmerizing... What is it about this type of photography that intrigues you?

Yucel Basoglu Black and white photo of landscape, especially the seascape, I see a divine light. In fact, all my work is an attempt to capture the divine light. I think black and white photography is the best technique that shows you the purity in human and in nature. On a colour photo of a smiling person for example, you only see the smile. But on a black and white photo you see the reality behind that smile. It’s the same with nature, you see the power of nature on a black and white photo. Amy Fulton Do you shoot in HDR?

Yucel Basoglu HDR is technically beautiful sometimes in different images. But this technique does not address me. Amy Fulton

Tell us about the Photography Awards have you received?

Yucel Basoglu 2016: PX3 2016 Competition / Honorable Mention PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS 2016: IPA 2016 New York / USA 5 honorable mentions. 2015: IPA 2015 New York / USA 5 honorable mentions. 2015: FAPA Fine art Photography Awards .London /UK.. 5 honorable mentions. 2014: Monochrome Awards - International Black & White Photography Contest . 3 honorable mentions. Amy Fulton

Tell us about your many publications...

Yucel Basoglu My work has been published in many magazines and books, which is a great honor for me. It makes me proud to like my work in other people.

Amy Fulton

Does your family carry the same photographic talents?

Yucel Basoglu

My family, unfortunately, is not interested in photography .. everyone was surprised when they see my work .. only my little son is curious about the photo .. I hope that my two sons will be interested in art. Amy Fulton Where are most of the shots taken?

Yucel Basoglu

Since I usually like the sea, I take pictures on the beach, sometimes in the mountains, but in cold misty weather, I go to the sea arches alone ... Amy Fulton Where is your favorite place to take photos?

Yucel Basoglu

There are many beautiful places in my country. But the Black Sea is very beautiful, I like it very much. The Black Sea is a very rough sea. This is for me. Amy Fulton What's your number one piece of essential gear you can't live without?

Yucel Basoglu

Most important is health, After that my photography camera :) Amy Fulton

What do you carry in your bag when you are on trips....

Yucel Basoglu

Canon 5d Mark 3, 17-40 f4 lens, 70-200 f2,8 lens Formatt Hitech ND filters, Tripod , headphone, water, chocolate. :) Amy Fulton

Any interesting stories to share when out photographing subjects?

Yucel Basoglu

The good question , because most of my photos are taken on cold storm days, the coastal is very dangerous. As you can see in the video below, I've been through a lot of danger, While looking for a beautiful composition on one of the occasions, the waves drove me to rocks and my knees cracked. Now I'm better.

Amy Fulton How do you see your practice changing over time?

Yucel Basoglu Over time, people change, their emotions and their perception of the world change, this change is reflected in the photographs, I took only images in my first photographs, but now they are very different, they develop in various ways, even the technique changes. Amy Fulton Do you have any other interests or talents you would like to share with us?

Yucel Basoglu

I play a bit of the local String instrument. "Saz", I have an electric guitar passion, but I'm not very good. I'm interested in wave surfing for a while .. and I love to write. Amy Fulton